Simple Way to Fix Corrupted or Damaged MS Word File

Microsoft provided Word application is widely used Word processing tool. This application is not only used by individuals but also used by computer professional. Sometimes due to various reasons this Word documents file can get corrupted or damaged. Once it gets corrupted there is no such system provided tool available to fix this corruption. However, […]

Data Recovery from WD My Passport External Hard Drive

Western Digital has come up with a new innovative idea of manufacturing external hard drives in a small size. So, they designed and named as My Passport external HDD. Western Digital has manufactured various series of My Passport external hard drives such as Elite Edition, Essential Edition, Essential for Mac, Essential SE Edition and more. […]

Erased Images Recovery from Computer

Photos are captured mainly for the purpose of cheering the most unforgettable moments of life, it lasts forever and keeps reminding about the past days. Most people store their priceless image collection on their computer hard disk drive. However, what if one fine day all your essential pictures were erased from your laptop or desktop […]

Recover Data From Corrupted Hard Disk Partition

Hard drive is a bulk data storage device, which is generally divided into number of partitions. Partitions help us to save files in organized manner and increase storage space. To know more about partitioning of a hard drive you can go through this link. Partition of a hard disk may get corrupted due to several […]

Tool to Recover Files from Seagate Freeagent Hard Drive.

“I accidentally deleted all the precious files from my Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive. I really need to recover those files, any good suggestion?” First let me ask you something. Are familiar with a brand named Seagate? Your answer should be probably yes, because it is one of the most famous brands among the computer […]

Learn How to Repair Broken MP4 File

MPEG-4 is a video file format which is widely used among all the video file formats. This file format contains both audio and video streams in its container. MPEG-4 file extension name is .mp4. The file supports iPods, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. Sometimes, the video file may get corrupt or broken due to various […]

Easy Way to Recover Deleted Photos from iPod

iPod are the popular portable media players developed by Apple Inc. It is a user friendly electronic device used to store and play multimedia files like pictures, audio, video. iPod’s can serve as external storage device like many other music players and their capacity varies by models. The latest version, iPod touch has a storage […]

Recover Deleted MP4 from SD card

“I use SanDisk SD card with my smart phone in which I’ve stored lot of informative videos on MP4 format. Last night, I have accidentally deleted some of those extremely valuable video clips from SD card, which was of top priority to me. Losing it is intolerable for me, so how to restore deleted MP4 […]

Get Back Photos from Deleted Partition

Photos are worth thousands of words, it has the powerful ability to capture the life events and precious moments. Memory is easy to fade away with flying times, but thankfully you can always collect those valuable moments from photographs and storing them into the hard drive partition. When you talk about drives labeled C:, D:, […]

Find an Easy Solution to Restore Files from Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin folder stores the deleted data from your Windows computer or laptop hard drive. From Windows Recycle Bin you can get back all valuable files and folders to respective folders where files are deleted. Are you worried about loss of files even from Recycle Bin folder of your computer? If yes, then stop worrying […]

Recover Data after Shift Delete

“Hi, 2 days back I downloaded many applications to my laptop. After downloading, there was very less space in laptop drives. So, I cleared many unwanted applications and few files which I was not needed. I used Shift Delete method to erase them. Yesterday, while searching for some files I realized that I have deleted […]

Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin on Windows 8

Is your important data deleted from Windows 8 Recycle Bin and are you searching for the perfect tool to restore it back? If so, read out this brief article which shows how to retrieve erased data from Windows 8 with an utmost ease. Windows 8 is a popular Operating System designed and developed by Microsoft which […]

How to Retrieve Files from RAW Hard Drive on Windows 7?

In this modern world, computers have brought a marvelous insurrection in every lifestyle and are expected to open more enormous fields and helped to improve the quality of life in terms of education, productivity in manufacturing, etc. As a result, majority of user are spending time using laptops and computers for storing their significant data […]

Easy Steps to Retrieve Photos from RAW Hard Drive

Hi everyone, Yesterday I come across a situation where in I was not able to access any of my valuable photos on my hard drive. The logical hard drive was working fine. It started displaying error message stating that my disk in drive D is not formatted, when I checked out the file system it […]