How to Recover Media Files from Storage Drives?

In this modern era, digital cameras are most popular for capturing and storing images, since these devices produce high resolution and excellent clarity pictures. Digital cams has limited storage space, thus people uses computer, flash drives, external hard drive, USB drives, etc., to save their valuable media files. By using these devices, one can store […]

How to Easily Select Your Default Apps in Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

Google has launched Android 6.0 Marshmallow to select the nexus devices. Very soon Google is also planning to release a new operating system for Android non nexus devices. It has brought various new features and also contains built-in file manager, which may go unnoticed by many users. It offers better control over app permissions and […]

Tool to Repair Video File in an Easy Way

“I use digital camera to record a video file as the quality assurance is more for camera devices. It was fine to some extent while recording this video file, but all of sudden camera got shut down due to in sufficient of the battery and when I open the camera after charging it there is […]

Here’s The Way to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Often people do mistakes with their computer and as a result they suffer from huge data loss problems. There are many reasons which lead to deletion of files and folder and formatting of hard drive is one among all. Basically, hard drive get formatted due to human errors, accidental formatting is quite common reason. Formatting […]

Simple Way to Recover Photos from External Hard Drive

External hard drive is mainly used to store data as a backup of all files which is stored in your PC/laptop or other devices. You can store any type of files (images, videos, music, documents etc) for a long time period. There are many external HDD manufacturing companies are available, some of them are Western […]

How To Recover Deleted Partition Mac Computer?

“Hi friends, today while partitioning my hard drive on Mac PC, I accidentally deleted a partition which contains some of my important data and I don’t have any backup of that partition also. So can anyone suggest me a best tool to recover data from deleted partition? Thanks in advance”. Deleted partition can be easily […]

Tool to Recover Emails from Outlook 2007

MS Outlook application is available in different version such 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Outlook 2007 is widely used across the world. The different attributes available in Outlook 2007 are emails, calendars, journals, note books, organizers and many more. Sometimes due to certain human error these files get deleted or lost. It is horrible condition […]

Know How to Perform File Recovery from RAW File System

RAW file system is a state of the hard drives or other storage devices which has no known Windows file system, because no file system exists on that drive. There can be no files/folders on that drive and it can’t be used to store data. When hard drives get corrupted then there is a chance […]

A Simple & Effective Outlook PST File Repair Software

Are you searching for the most reliable tool to recover the deleted emails from Outlook profile? If yes, then stop searching anymore because you are at the right place. Here you can easily get the most specialized and useful software, which is named as PST File Repair Software. This software is a read only tool […]

How to Perform Data Recovery After Format of Hard Disk?

Recently, I upgraded my PC from Windows 7 version to the latest Windows 8 version. After formatting the hard disk drive, I remember that it was containing important files and I forgot to take back-up of the files before formatting the HDD. I am very much depressed because of losing of important files and now […]

How to Recover Overwritten Excel Spreadsheet?

You may know that, spreadsheet is an e-document of Microsoft Excel. It contains data, that are arranged in row and column in a grid wise manner. The horizontal rows are represented in numbers and the vertical columns are represented as alphabets The intersection of rows and columns are called as cell. Spreadsheet is mainly used […]

Simple Way TO Recover Data from Mac System

Mac operating system was developed by Apple. It is more flexible and user friendly as compared to the other operating systems. But the users of Mac OS also encounter file loss situations as like in other operating systems. The very common problem with the computer users is losing or deleting their files from system hard […]

Simple Method to Undelete USB Drive Data

Have you ever lost your valuable data from USB drive and anxious to recover all the deleted files or folders. If yes, then you need not to panic because here is a software available which provide you the best solution to recover the deleted data from USB drive and it is named as Undelete USB […]