Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin on Windows 8

Is your important data deleted from Windows 8 Recycle Bin and are you searching for the perfect tool to restore it back? If so, read out this brief article which shows how to retrieve erased data from Windows 8 with an utmost ease.

Windows 8 is a popular Operating System designed and developed by Microsoft which can be installed and utilized well on PC / laptop. It consists of advanced and improved techniques such as Windows store applications, interface and desktop, online services and functionality, safety and security, etc. Besides, it supports huge storage capacity and the user can store any kind of files such as audios, videos, MS documents, PowerPoint presentations, movies and many others in system hard drive. Also, the unwanted files which are deleted from hard drive will be moved to Recycle Bin in default.

Recycle bin is used to store the data which are deleted temporarily from Windows hard drive. It is presented as a single file directory to the users allowing them to browse deleted files to undelete those files if it is done by mistake or for deleting it permanently. Still, there are chances for required files to get deleted from temporary storage space due to various reasons which are mentioned below. Anyhow with the usage of Windows 8 Recycle Bin Recovery Software you can retrieve deleted data from Recycle Bin in a simple way. It is the most appropriate application suggested by many industry experts to perform Windows 8 Recycle Bin recovery in a short period of time.

Scenarios responsible on how data gets deleted from Windows 8 Recycle Bin:

Accidental Deletion of Data: It is the major reason witnessed by many people frequently. You may decide to empty the data from recycle bin in order to increase the free memory storage. While performing this task, you would accidentally end up deleting some of the important files from recycle bin. Therefore to overcome from this kind of situation you can make use of Windows 8 recovery software to get back deleted data from systems recycle bin.

Overriding Recycle Bin: Recycle bin is restricted to default size and when it exceeds the maximum size then the files which you delete will be deleted permanently bypassing temporary storage space. In case, if your important data gets erased then it can be retrieved by using reliable Windows 8 recycle bin retrieving tool.

Virus Infection: Virus has the efficiency to ruin any kind of data available on system hard drive. It can enter into recycle bin via any attached file while receiving the data from virus infected devices or any downloadable files from untrustworthy websites. Also, if the viruses are of high caliber then it can harm the entire recycle bin data which in turn leads to data deletion from Windows 8 recycle bin. Thus, to retrieve erased data from recycle bin you can effectively make use of prominent undelete recycle bin utility.

Anti-Virus Utility: If the system behaves poorly or slowly then you might opt for anti-virus utility to scan and check whether the system is affected with virus or not. During the scanning process, the anti-virus utility present in the system might erase some of the required files from recycle bin as threaten of virus infection.

These are some reasons for deletion of files from recycle bin. If you have witnessed above kind of situations then you can simply make use of Windows 8 Recovery software for restoring your deleted files from Windows 8 Recycle bin in an effective manner.

Features of Undelete Recycle Bin Software:

  • It is the best recovery application for retrieving any kind of deleted files such as audios, videos, document files, presentations, photo gallery, etc. The special scanning algorithm available in this tool has the capacity to scan entire drive and get back deleted data in few minutes.
  • This is the reliable tool to bring back files which bypass recycle bin when they exceeds the default size of system temporary storage space.
  • Apart from Windows 8, this software can be used in other versions of Windows such as Windows 7, XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008 to perform Windows 8 recycle bin restore.
  • With the usage of this best restoring utility, you can sort recovered files on the basis of file name, file size, date and file location.
  • This promising software can support file recovery on file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT Partitions for optimizing Windows 8 recycle bin restore.
  • One your required files are restored you can resume the process by using “Save Recovery Session”, which also ensures that you don’t need to re-scan the files again. Also, the demo version of this tool allows you to preview the restored files before storing into any desired location.

How to Retrieve Files from RAW Hard Drive on Windows 7?

In this modern world, computers have brought a marvelous insurrection in every lifestyle and are expected to open more enormous fields and helped to improve the quality of life in terms of education, productivity in manufacturing, etc. As a result, majority of user are spending time using laptops and computers for storing their significant data like images, videos, documents, audio files and other files. The most important part that is required to run computer is operating system. Windows is the highly efficient OS that is preferred by most of the users. Among different versions of Windows OS, Windows 7 is widely used because of its simple GUI. These Windows 7 computers make use of hard drives for storing all their vital data. Do you think that the stored data is safe for long time and cannot go missing? Well, this is not the case, one thing user always forget is one or other day data from computer hard drive can get deleted or lost. The most common factor is corruption of file system due to some logical reasons or because of human mistakes. When a file system gets damaged, the hard disk is turned as RAW and all its saved data becomes inaccessible as the computer fails to read files from hard disk and turns thereby by causing data loss.

What would be your next step??? Is the lost data very much important for you??? Are you searching for an efficient tool to recover files from RAW hard drive on Windows 7 computer? Do not get worried!!! Windows File Recovery is one such application that can be used to restore data from RAW hard drive on Windows 7 PC. Before knowing more about this file restoration tool, let us discuss some of the steps followed to identify the hard drive which has become RAW.

  • Firstly select My Computer icon present on your Windows system, and then double-click the listed partition/hard drives
  • While selecting any hard drive/ partition, if you come across incorrect messages like Windows prompts can’t access and load x: file or directory appears suggesting the disk has become RAW
  • Then, check the partition and examine its properties, you may see previous NTFS or FAT file systems have become RAW and all properties such as partition size or available space cannot display normally.

Common Scenarios which are responsible for hard disk to become RAW:

  • Changing File system: Sometimes you may intend to alter the current file system to some other file system. For changing file system, you have to accomplish reformatting process, while reformatting if your procedure gets abandoned because of some unexpected reason, then there are chances for file system corruption This type of situation could become a motive for the hard drive to become RAW.
  • Virus infection: Virus may get into the system whenever you download some files or applications from un-trusted sites and stores it in your computer. These viruses may infect that hard drive and infrequently make unwanted changes to file system and turn into an excuse to make your Windows 7 HDD into RAW.
  • Improper Formatting: Sometimes we desire to transfer precious files from Windows 7 hard disk to some other external hard drive. During that time, you may come across with the situation, where one of the hard disk on your Windows 7 system is unapproachable due to some technical reason or because of virus attack. To solve this issue, you try all the efforts but unluckily fail in all procedures. Therefore without any other option you may opt for formatting. Formatting drive in an improper way can cause damage to the file system of your hard disk, which in turn makes all the saved files unreadable. In such circumstances, file recovery for Windows is an effective tool that can employed for restoring files from RAW hard disk on windows 7 system without any difficulty.

If you have ever come across any of these instances, then don’t worry because there exists the most comprehensive Windows file recovery software that is widely used as Windows 7 hard drive recovery tool to rescue your lost data from hard drive. This tool is capable in retrieving all types of files like audio, video, animation files, text files, excel files, PPT, PDF, etc. without any complexity. The software is built with advanced scanning engine that will easily locate the lost data from RAW HDD and then helps you out to recover all your lost files at your fingertips by making use of its unique file signature.

How Windows 7 file recovery program helps to get back missing data from RAW hard disk?

By empowering this utility, it is possible to restore files that are lost due to RAW hard drive very easily. In addition to recover files from RAW hard drive on Windows 7, you can use this utility on all versions of Windows OS like Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc. The tool has the capability to recover over 300 file types from different hard drive interfaces such as SCSI, IDE, SATA and more. By using this software, even you can create disk images to bypass bad sectors and performs file recovery later. This application is straightforward to utilize, even a non-technical user can make use of this file retrieval app to recover data which has been lost from RAW hard drive in effective manner. Also, this retrieval software can recover lost or deleted data from memory cards, external hard drives, iPods, FireWire Drives and many more storage devices.

Precautionary steps to prevent loss of data:

  • You must conserve the proper backup of your respective significant data on other storage devices like USB drive, external hard disk, etc. so as to restore it easily in the event of data loss
  • You must install authorized antivirus software on your Windows system to protect stored files from virus attack
  • After losing files from Windows 7 hard disk perform recovery operation as soon as possible and do not add any new files because new data may overwrite old data, then you cannot restore lost or deleted files.

Easy Steps to Retrieve Photos from RAW Hard Drive

Hi everyone, Yesterday I come across a situation where in I was not able to access any of my valuable photos on my hard drive. The logical hard drive was working fine. It started displaying error message stating that my disk in drive D is not formatted, when I checked out the file system it displayed as “RAW”. I ignored this error message I clicked on “Yes”, which resulted in loss of all the files including the photos from the logical hard drive. I am very dissatisfied after this incidence and need an immediate solution to restore photos from RAW hard drive? Is it possible to restore photos from RAW hard drive? Plz let me know on how could I get back my photos from RAW hard drive

Often you might have find such questions, if you just surf into blogs and forums. In these days, loss of photos from RAW hard drives is a very common scenario. But, luckily after such situations you should not get depressed or disappointed, as it is possible to recover photos from a RAW hard drive in a very easy and efficient method only if you make use of this reliable photo recovery after toolkit. This utility has a strong intelligent scanning mechanism that scans and restores photos from the selected drive in a quick span of time. This wizard restores all multimedia files including photos from RAW hard drives (SATA / SCSI / IDE etc.), FireWire drives, USB devices, Flash memory cards (SD, SDHC, SDXC, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.) etc. Look around this website- to gain more details on recovery of photos from RAW hard drive.

Important things to remember

  • Always keep additional copies of valuable photos on some other storage devices such as USB flash drives, external HDD etc.
  • It is suggested to use an authenticated antivirus application to keep hard drive secure from harmful viruses/malware programs.
  • Do not use unreliable third party tool to restore photos from RAW hard drive.

Sometimes even after following certain precautionary steps you might encounter loss of photos from RAW hard drive. Some of the common causes that make your hard drive RAW are mentioned below

  • Virus infection: If any untrustworthy websites are visited or any virus infected external storage drives are connected to the system then these viruses enters the hard drive. Once these viruses enter your hard drive then it corrupts the hard disk and makes it RAW. This in turn results in lose photos and other data from RAW hard drive.
  • Bad sector: This bad sector is a region of hard drive that becomes inaccessible. If your hard drive contains bad sector, then it can turn into RAW that result in the loss of data including crucial photos.
  • File system corruption: If the file system of hard disk gets damaged then there is great possibilities for it to become RAW.

You can easily overcome all these issues only if you prefer this photo recovery after toolkit. This photo recovery after tool helps to recover photos from deleted partition just in a matter of few minutes. You can run this program easily on all the latest version of Mac and Windows OS including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2009, Windows 2000, Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and others.

How to Undelete files on Mac

Deleting files without taking proper back is quite common on Mac and if you find any important media files/ documents in deleted files, you will search in trash bin to restore those deleted files. Sometimes  deleted files might have bypass trash bin if deleted files exceeds size of trash bin or you might have deleted files by using command + shift + delete key combination which deletes files even on trash bin.  Now you will search your entire system and all storage devices, thinking as if those deleted folders   have stored in another folder. If you don’t find those deleted files on Mac system, you will be depressed.

If those deleted files are very important and looking for a tool, Now no need to get frustrated as you can recover your deleted files on Mac system by using Mac undelete software. By using this Mac undelete software you can recover those deleted files very quickly.

You might have got deleted your files on Mac system due to following reasons

Accidental deletion:  Sometimes while deleting unwanted files from your Mac system, you might have accidentally deleted some crucial or important files.

Improper shutdown:   Improper shutdown of your Mac system without closing files and while transferring files from Mac to external device and vice-versa may lead to file deletion on Mac system

Deletion by third party tools:  Sometimes, you might have used unreliable or untrustworthy third party applications for recovering files on your Mac and these unreliable third party applications may lead to file deletion on your Mac.

Emptying trash: You can restore your deleted files on Mac system from trash bin which stores files even after deletion. But if you empty trash bin then files on trash gets permanently deleted, and then it is not possible to restore files.

 There are other reasons like formatting Mac system, sudden system reboot which can also causes file deletion on Mac system.

But in all above mentioned circumstances, make use of Mac undelete software to restore files on Mac system.

Some extraordinary features of Mac Undelete software

This Mac undelete software recovers all deleted/ lost files in Mac volumes and emptied trash bin

By using this software you can also recovers files from HFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32 partitions

You can recover files from inaccessible volumes in very efficient manner without modifying the content of file

This software undelete files from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, USB drives and so on

You can also sort the recovered data on the basis of file type, date and size

This software helps you recover files on the basis of unique signatures

By using this software you can also recover files from Mac terminal on Mac OS X lion, leopard, snow leopard, Mountain lion and so on. This software helps you to recover files from Mac terminal easily as it has simple interface and advanced scanning algorithm To get more information on Mac terminal recovery click here:


Recover formatted memory card

Memory card is one type of flash drive, using these flash drives one can store all types of documents like photos, videos, text documents etc,. As memory cards are used in different devices, one can store all their data in memory card. If in case, you have lost all the data from your memory card due to formatting it accidently, what would be your next step? You might search for the solution in internet, but you won’t get proper info. Now, you need not to take tension, because you’re at correct info page.  Memory Card Recovery Software is the best software to recover formatted memory card. Using this software you can recover all the files and folders which were lost during formatting of memory card.

Scenarios to know how one can lose their data

  • Accidental formatting: One can accidentally format the memory card by pressing “format” button from their cell phones or digital camera.
  • Memory card corruption: One can forcefully format there memory card due to the corruption in their memory card.
  • Virus attack: Virus is the most common factor in formatting the memory card, because virus can easily infect the memory card.
  • Improper removal of memory card: You would have removed your memory card directly from digital camera or cell phones without switching off those devices. Due to improper removal of memory card one can corrupt memory card.

Precaution to avoid formatting of your memory card

  • Use of antivirus: Using the latest antivirus app you can safeguard your data in your memory card, which could be infected from virus / malware attack. Also, you need to update it periodically.
  • Improper plug-out of memory card: Avoid removing your memory card before switching off your digital camera or cell phones, through which you can lose your data.
  • Use of different Memory Card: Avoid using the same memory card in different devices for transferring the data, through which you can experience corruption in your memory card and you can lose your important data.


Features of Memory Card Recovery Software

It has powerful feature to scan the whole memory card in few minutes. It has simple user interface with detailed explanation of steps for recovering data from formatted memory card. This software supports different brands of memory cards such as ADATA (Turbo), Canon, Dane-Elec, Duracell, Fujifilm, Garmin, HP, Kingston (Ultimate, Standard, Elite Pro), Lexar (Professional, Platinum, Echo), Olympus, Patriot (LX Series, Signature), PNY (Pro-Elite, Optima), Samsung, SanDisk (Extreme, Ultra, Extreme Pro), Sony (Memory Stick), Transcend. This app will recover photos, videos, RAW images, games, mp3 songs, and much more from your formatted memory card. This software will recover data from SDHC card, SDXC card, MicroSD card, Mini SD card, XD card, CF card, MMC and Memory Sticks. As this tool supports recovery data from CF card, so to know how you can restore the images from corrupted CF card, you need to visit:

Paramount Application to Undelete Image Files on Mac

Photos are one of the best part in everyone’s life. It makes you relive all those cherished moments. But sometimes all the happiness can take a U turn as you may encounter deletion of images as a result of some known or unknown reasons. Digital camera or Smartphone is the best device that is used for capturing photos. Some of you might transfer all these photos to the Mac computer as the backup device. Nowadays, various models of Mac like iMac, Mac Book Pro have SD and SDXC card slot whereas recent versions of Mac mini have SD card slot. If you insert this SD card into SD card slot then your Mac PC recognizes it as a USB storage drive and hence it is possible to access the files from the SD card. But unfortunately, because of some disaster all the files preserved on the Mac PC can get deleted if you press the wrong button or the SD card is formatted. On some occasion you might unintentionally delete important images from Mac PC instead of deleting other unimportant one.

Have you ever met this type of situation like you thought the some images were useless or the files took up a large amount of Mac hard drive space so you removed them to the Mac Trash? But one fine day you suddenly become conscious that one of the deleted files is important and you need it right now. The very first thing first you may go to check the Mac Trash, if you are lucky enough you can get it back from the Trash, but what if the Mac Trash Bin folder has been emptied? Don’t worry, just be calm. Take it easy. It is possible to recover deleted images from Mac with the help of reliable Mac undelete toolkit. This Mac undelete is considered as the most excellent program that successfully helps in undeleting image files on Mac within a fraction of few minutes.

Common factors that is responsible for deletion of images from Mac

  • Unintentionally deleting images while previewing them on the Mac system.
  • Improper usage of Cut Paste command for transferring images can sometimes lead to deletion of images preserved on it.
  • Third party application also takes part in deletion of images from Mac PC without user’s confirmation.
  • Emptying Mac Trash folder will cause deletion of all images and other files that are stored on it.
  • Usage of “Delete all” option while removing some image files from digital camera.

Mac undelete tool has unique and effective features and it is loaded with amazing options that makes photo recovery complete within few clicks. By delivering 100% performance, this Mac undelete program has been designed by many computer experts who suggest this utility with utmost preference. This program can effectively recover images of the format JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIF, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, etc and also helps to retrieve raw image format like CRW, CR2, NEF,DNG, KDC, K25, etc with ease. This utility also supports to restore audio and video files of the file type, MP3, M4A, AIFF, AMR, MP4, WAV, MIDI, M4B, AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, 3G2, 3GP respectively. By utilizing this Mac undelete tool, you can easily undelete SD card files on Mac in few clicks. Visit this page- to gain more details on how to undelete SD card on Mac.

Restore Data from Corrupted WD Hard Disk

With the continuous development in the digital media accessibility, all this information should be stored in atorge device. And of course the most generally used storage media should be hard disk which is the integrant element of a PC as well. One of the renowned hard disk manufacturers is Western Digital. Western Digital is one of the biggest and highly appreciated hard disk manufacturers in the industry as it gives high performance hard disks named Western Digital HDD. You can make use of this non-volatile storage gadget to store data such as pictures, videos, music files, documents etc. Though it is very useful, there are situations that lead to corruption of Western Digital hard disk which in turn lead to deletion or loss of your valuable data. However, don’t worry as you can now easily perform corrupted WD hard drive recovery with the help of powerful partitions recovery software. This toolkit has the ability to get back data from corrupted WD hard drive in just few simple clicks. Additionally, it helps you to restore data from Windows 7 after partition table corruption with ease.

Causes behind corruption of Western Digital Hard Disk

  • Virus infection results in corruption of Western Digital disk file system. If any of the files on the drive gets corrupt and it is not removed from it for longer then there are chances of virus spreading to file system files of disk
  • Sometimes sudden removal of Western Digital hard drive from PC or laptop at the time of data transfer process might result in corruption of the drive
  • While formatting the Western Digital hard drive, if the process is stopped for any reasons then the drive gets corrupt. You will not be able to access data from it anytime
  • Other reasons that lead to corruption of Western Digital hard drive include usage of unreliable recovery applications, MBR corruption i.e. partition table corruption and many more. But, now you can overcome these issues using partitions recovery tool which also helps to get data back from Windows 7 after partition table corruption

You can easily overcome the above mentioned situations using proficient partitions recovery tool.

Features of partitions recovery program

Partitions recovery software is built with advanced algorithms that help to perform corrupted WD hard drive recovery with a short span of time. It not only helps you to restore data from corrupted WD hard disk, but helps you to recover data from a damaged WD hard disk with ease. By using this app, you can get back data from corrupted WD hard drive on all major versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 and Mac OS X based PCs Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc. Apart from recovering data from Windows 7 after partition table corruption, this utility can recover data from crashed, re-partitioned, unbootable hard disk and even from hard drive with bad sectors.

This software has the ability to recover data from various file systems like FAT, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT, HFS+ and HFS X etc. Other than corrupted WD hard drive recovery, this tool can recover data from different brands of HDD such as Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi, Seagate, Iomega, etc. with ease. Hence, it is one of the most excellent tools to carry out corrupted WD hard drive recovery. For more details on how to restore data from corrupted WD hard disk, go through this link:

Step by Step Instructions to Fix AVI Video File

AVI Repair is one of the renowned software that has been designed particularly to repair corrupted avi, xvid and divx file formats. Any sort of corruption or damage to an AVI file because of various reasons leads to an unplayable AVI file. This AVI repair software is built with strong algorithms that facilitate to repair either corrupted or damaged AVI file in just few clicks. Before you find the entire details about this utility, let’s be familiar with how this AVI repair software helps out in repairing AVI video file.

AVI is a renowned multimedia file format which is developed by Microsoft Corporation. AVI file format contains both the audio and video data in a single file. This characteristic of the AVI file format makes it more effective than the other video file types. You can make use of this file format when you want to hoard video calls that are made by means of Skype. Even though incorporated with all these brilliant features, there are conditions that consequences in corruption or damage of an AVI file. This sequentially leads to unplayable AVI videos. For more details on AVI repair software, visit this page:

Causes behind corruption or damage of an AVI video file

  •  If your PC hard disk or any other storage drive is tainted with virus which includes your AVI video file, then it might consequence in corruption of AVI video file
  • While transfer of an AVI video file from PC to any external storage drive, if there is any kind of distraction then it might cause damage of AVI video file

If you have back up of your essential files, then it is the only way that can save you when you come across with any of the situations mentioned above that are related with AVI files. But, if you do not have back up of your corrupted or damaged AVI video file, then need not to worry! With the aid of AVI repair software you can effortlessly perform AVI video file repair process.

Key features of AVI repair tool

This tool efficiently assists you in repairing AVI video file without facing the problem of changing their original file names. Other than AVI video file, this software can repair corrupt or damaged DIVX files and XVID video files without any difficulty. This utility can repair AVI video file on different storage devices such as hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives, memory cards etc. This tool works fine on all the newest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. Therefore, AVI repair software is one of the most suggested utility to repair AVI video file. You can make use of the demo version of the software. If you are satisfied with the acquired results, then you can buy the software.

Formatted Hard Drive Video Recovery Program

Many of the computer users come across the term format a couple of times in their day to day life. Some of you might format the hard drive knowingly or erroneously. After executing format operation on hard drive you remember that you have some important video files on it and you don’t have even the backup of those video files. Once the hard drive is formatted then it prepares the drive for overwriting. And it will not wipe out the previously stored files. The video files might not be visible but still it will be present on the hard drive. Most of the video are very significant for you, at this point of view, an efficient third party tool is usually the first choice to solve formatted hard drive video loss issue.

Have you come across loss of videos from formatted hard drive? Do you want to restore videos from formatted hard drive? Are you eagerly searching for the software to bring back videos from formatted hard drive? If your answer is yes for all these queries then there is no need to get worried at all. Here you get an ultimate answer for all your issues. Well, in order to recover video files from formatted hard drive it is strongly recommended to use this reliable software that is named as video file recovery. This application is developed by many of the experts and is inbuilt with advanced algorithms. Hence is very easy to restore videos from formatted hard disk with the help of this video file recovery program within a fraction of minutes.

Common reasons responsible for loss of videos from formatted hard drive are explained below

Sometimes your hard drive might get infected from deadly viruses or other malicious programs. This infection would be so severe that no antivirus application could detect and delete the malicious programs. On such situations formatting the hard drive becomes inevitable to remove such malicious programs. And when you format the hard drive, you end up with loss of videos stored on it. You can find some scenarios wherein your might format your hard drive accidentally rather than formatting some other external drive or intentionally format the drive without taking proper data backup facility. When you are installing multiple Operating systems in the same system, you might accidentally select on the wrong drive to format that results in erasure of all files including the videos from selected drive.

Important features of video file recovery tool

Video file recovery software has an ability to bring back video files from any sort of formatted hard drive that includes SATA, SCSI, IDE, SSD and others. Video fie recovery tool not only restores videos from formatted hard drive but also supports to restore videos from formatted external hard drive that includes  HP, Buffalo, iOmega, Hitachi, Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital, etc in few minutes.  Also you can empoly this program to restore any type of data including text and media data of more than 300+ types of data like images, documents, excel sheets, music, songs etc in a fraction of minutes. There is no need to worry even if you lost videos from corrupted Memory card. This is because one can easily restore video files from corrupted Memory card with the aid of this video file recovery software. Continue reading his page- if you need to get more details on recovery of video files from corrupted Memory card.

Smartest AVI File Repair Tool

Are you searching for a way to repair damaged AVI files? If yes, then do not ever get worried. You are at the right spot, following sections will give the complete details on damaged AVI file repair, just have a look over them.

AVI file is a media format, which contains both video and audio data. AVI symbolizes Audio Video Interleaved; the format was introduced by Microsoft Corporation in the year 1992. But there are several repulsive cases because of which these AVI files get damage, when an AVI file gets damage, it fails to play. Assume that you have saved any essential video files in this AVI file format, and abruptly that file gets damaged then definitely you would get into trouble.

Therefore to fix damaged AVI file you need to take the help of AVI repair application. AVI repair application is a highly effective and trustworthy repair program, using which damaged AVI files can be fixed effectively, the AVI files that are extremely damaged can be repaired by using this AVI repair application.

Before beginning with the features of AVI repair program, let us have a concise discussion on some critical scenarios because of which AVI files get damage.

  • Header corruption: Similar to other computer files, AVI file contains a vital part which is called as header. At times this header gets damaged, when it gets damaged then AVI file fails to play.
  • Sudden computer turn off: Unexpected power failure will lead the computer to turn off in an inappropriate way, in case while playing an AVI file the computer turns off then AVI file may get damage.
  • Errors while transferring AVI file: If an interruption occurs while moving AVI file from computer to some external storage device or vice versa; then there are chances for it to get damaged.

On account of these above described scenarios, if a vital AVI file gets damaged then take the help of AVI repair utility and repair that file in few simple clicks of computer mouse. To know more about repair tool log on to:

AVI repair utility includes these below described features:

  • AVI repair program is a graphical user interface repair tool; it offers orderly directions with clear and conceivable screen shots following which you can easily repair damaged AVI files.
  • It could repair damaged AVI files on all latest versions of Windows OS, which incorporate Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 etc.
  • This application can easily repair AVI file on all available versions of Mac OS including Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, and Leopard etc.
  • It has the ability to repair AVI files on various types of storage devices, for example, memory cards, pen drives, internal computer hard disks, external hard drives etc.
  • The tool can be used for repairing damaged XVID and DIVX files too.

Log on to the website and download the trial version of AVI repair tool, check out how it works. If you feel the product is helpful then purchase its licensed version.

Software to Repair PowerPoint 2010 File

PowerPoint 2010 is broadly used Microsoft Office application in almost every corporate house, educational institute, business organizations and on other fields for creating training materials, product presentations, monthly sales report company annual reports, and much more. Similar to other computer application, Microsoft PPT files are also vulnerable to corruption because of various reasons. Some of the common causes are mentioned below,

  • If you make use of inappropriate compression techniques in order to resize PPT 2010 file then you end up with corruption of PPT file.
  • When you share PPT 2010 file over the network then the harmful viruses corrupts the PPT file.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 malfunction while modifying the PPT file or if your PC system shuts down suddenly while a PPT file is in use also leads to corruption of PPT file.
  • Improper installation of MS Office software also corrupt your PPT file.
  • Other factors like presence of bad sector in the disk, header corruption, software malfunction, illegal system shutdown, hard drive crash, software malfunction, media error, etc results on corruption of PPT 2010 file.

On trying to open such corrupted Presentation 2010 file, you may face some errors. These are the perfect indication of file corruption. Some of the most common errors are displayed as “this is not a PowerPoint Presentation”, “PPT 2010 file is corrupted”, etc. At this instances you need to repair such corrupted PPT file and you use “Open and Repair” to fix corrupted PPT file as it a built in repair feature provided by MS Office to repair corrupted documents. If you find it difficult in repairing corrupted PPT 2010 file then it is necessary to make use of third party tool.

In these tricky situations, when PPT files have been lost taking along with them lots of valuable files, repair PPT tool acts as a boon. This repair PPT software has been designed with the express purpose of effectively repairing PPT 2010 file and extracting all important slides from it completely intact. This application is capable of repairing all sizes of PPT file. This program can even take care of password protected PPT 2010 file and repair them instantly. Read this page- if you need to get more knowledge on how to repair corrupted PPT 2010 file.

Additional features of repair PPT software

Repair PPT operation involve extracting all important components of a PPT file that includes text, embedded clipart, RTF, graphics, OLE objects, images, hyperlinks including headers and footnotes hyperlinks etc with ease. This program is completely automated wizard based interface that helps in repairing corrupted PPT 2010 files in few minutes. And when compatibility is concerned, this repair PPT utility supports different versions of PowerPoint files that are created using any of Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, 2002, 2000, 2003, etc. As a result of this, it is very easy to repair corrupt PowerPoint 2003 file with the aid of this eventual repair PPT toolkit.

Important precautions to be followed to prevent corruption of PPT 2010 file

  • Do not try to change the file extension of PPT file until you take its backup completely.
  • Always be sure that you do not use PPT file when there is continuous fluctuation in power supply on your system.
  • It is suggested not to download or upload PPT file when internet is slow.

Eminent Tool to Retrieve Data from Mac OS Partition

Mac computers are designed by Apple Company. Mac OS is built on UNIX based graphical interface platform. It uses HFS, HFS+ file system to store data on its hard drive. Mac hard drive can be divided into multiple units and each of those units is known as partition. These partitions help you in storing data in an effective manner. On this partition you can store all the valuable data such as files, folders, videos, music, pictures, emails, etc. Unfortunately, loss of data from this partition also takes place because of many reasons that includes accidental formatting Mac partition, deletion of partition by mistake, lost important file after reinstallation of Mac computer, etc. Have you ever encounter loss of data from Mac partition by the above mentioned reasons? And now looking for the solution on how to restore data from Mac partition? If your answer is yes then there is no need to worry at all, this is because still there is a possibility to recover data from Mac partition with the help of reliable recovery software.

Well, with the help of this partitions recovery tool, it is very easy to get back all the files from Mac partition with utmost ease. This program supports recovery of data from lost partitions from all types of storage medium including USB flash drive, flash memory cards, hard drives, FireWire drives and other external storage devices. By the help of this program you can quickly rescue data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT, NTFS, ExFAT file system. You can apply this toolkit to get back your lost or deleted data from partitions on Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and other system that runs Macintosh operating system without facing any difficulty. Browse around this page- to get additional details on recovery of data from Mac OS X partition.

Some of the situation where partitions recovery tool is helpful in restoring data from Mac partition

  • Human error: Deleting data from Mac hard drive partition by mistake, accidentally deleted partition on Mac drive, formatting wrong partition, reformatting the Mac hard drive partition to upgrade the file system, etc leads to loss of data from partition.
  • Malware attack: Mac OS X can get damage because of malware attack that leads to system crash, deletion of files and folders can occur due to malware infection on Mac partition.
  • Catalog file corruption: Any sort of corruption to catalog file that stores all the details related to the files present in the Mac partition can make the file inaccessible.
  • Other reasons like MBR corruption, improper termination of Mac PC, file system corruption, power failure while transferring files, journal corruption, etc leads to loss of data from Mac partition.

Other than above mentioned reasons there are plenty of other reasons that lead to loss of data from Mac partition. Bo worries, as you get all in one solution with this reliable partitions recovery tool. With the help of this program you can restore different file types that include picture files of JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIFF, SR2, CR2, NEF, ARW, etc, video files of AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, MPEG, etc with ease. This utility can restore partitions that are lost while reinstalling Macintosh OS. Partitions recovery tool can be applied to recover data from RAW USB Flash drive without facing any difficulty.

Most Convenient to Undelete Mac Files

I purchased a new Mac computer for my office use, since then all my important files I am saving in it. Few days back I was just erasing some useless data from my Mac computer. While erasing, I accidentally wiped one important file from it, I tried to search that deleted file in Trash, but I was unable to discover that file there. I forgot to preserve the backup of that file otherwise I would’ve not bothered at all. Now I am struggling to bring back deleted Mac file. I don’t know the way to undelete Mac data; can anyone please tell me how to deal with this issue?

Are you too have caught in an issue as stated above? If so, then don’t fret there’s a a highly effective Mac data recovery software to assist you. Just make use of that Mac data recovery software, and undelete your Mac files easily. For more details of deleted file recovery on Mac click here:

Reasons why files get deleted from Mac computer are stated below:

  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion of files from Mac computer is a common mistake made by a lot of the computer users. They perform this mistake while trashing unnecessary files. Hence one should be very careful, when a file is deleted, otherwise essential files may get lost.
  • Effects of third party tools: Many third party applications are available in market; they are basically developed to help the users for doing their computer tasks, however at times these third party tools may ruin you i.e. they delete your data from Mac computer, which makes you to confront severe loss of important data.
  • Use of “Command + Del” keys: Knowingly or unknowingly, if you press “Command + Del” keys while deleting Mac files then deleted files will bypass Trash, and to recover them you need Mac data recovery software.

As a result of these above mentioned reasons, if any important file gets deleted from your Mac computer, then do not worry. Just employ Mac data recovery software and get back that file in few click of mouse.

Using this software, is it possible to recover files from MMC card on Mac computer?

Yes certainly it is possible; the Mac data recovery software can easily recover files from MMC card on Mac computer. In addition to MMC cards, this tool could also restore files from different types of memory cards including SD cards, XD cards, CF cards etc.

Highlights of Mac data recovery software are mentioned below:

The software is elegantly designed; during the recovery process it provides step by step instructions with screenshots. Therefore users do not require any special skills to restore deleted files through Mac computer. The software includes the capability of restoring different types of files which include audio files, video files, images etc. It’s a tool that can be used to recover deleted data from USB drives, FireWire drives, memory cards, external hard drives, memory sticks etc. This amazing software can be easily installed on various versions of Mac operating systems, including Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard etc.

Retrieve Folders Deleted from Recycle Bin

In Windows or other OS’s folder is an accumulation of related files like paperwork, audio and video files. Windows Operating System allocates one Recycle Bin for every logical drive. When people delete any one of their important folders, the particular folder gets stored within Recycle Bin after removal. What if the folder gets deleted from your Recycle Bin too? A lot of people think that the directories after deletion have eliminated permanently. But the actual truth is that when the folder becomes deleted from Recycle Bin can, only the entry gets deleted though the content remains in exactly the same memory location and Microsoft Windows OS simply marks the hard disk drive space as free for intended use. Therefore, one should stop doing other actions like saving data as soon as folder gets deleted in order to prevent overwriting and long lasting deletion of folders.

So, if you haven’t used your disk drive for storing new records, then it is pretty feasible to regenerate deleted folders from Recycle Bin using any consistent alternative recovery applications. There are many alternative recovery tools that are produced available in market. For superior outcomes you ought to go for some successful tool like undelete folder software that enables you to recover deleted folders through Recycle Bin. Get more information about Recycle Bin deleted folder recovery by having a peek at the given link: Before planning to this software, let’s observe how usually folders get deleted from Recycle Bin.

Common scenarios for deletion of folders:

  • Virus attack or malware infection is the primary reason behind deletion of folder from Recycle Bin without any warning
  • Accidental removal by pressing “shift + delete” keys
  • If size of the folder is more when compared with size of Recycle Bin, the folder bypasses Microsoft Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Usage of defective third party tools.
  • Formatting the drive containing the folder unknowingly
  • While attempting to restore the deleted folder Recycle Bin, accidental pressing “delete” option results in deletion of folder

Folders get deleted as per the aforementioned reasons. Don’t be anxious, this undelete folder software overcomes these kinds of scenarios successfully.

Extra ordinary Features of undelete folder software to bring back deleted folders

  • Restores the folders that have been bypassed from the Recycle Bin
  • Folders accidentally deleted at the time of formatting your drive or partition can be recovered
  • Using this software you’ll be able to rescue folders from damaged Windows file system and hard disk drives
  • Retrieves folders which have been deleted due to partition problems caused during generation of new partitions
  • The application assists compressing of restored folders
  • Facilitates sorting of recovered folders according to name, date, size along with file type
  • Along with hard drive, it can even recover deleted folder from external hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drive and many more storage devices.

How to stop deletion of folders?

  • Prior to clearing the Recycle Bin take a look at all the files and folders
  • Be sure before pressing the “shift + delete” key that folder is vital or not
  • Preserve back up of each and every important file in distinct storage devices



Learn How to Recover Data After Format

Hard drive users may do format operation when they need to delete useless data on the drive or to convert file system, etc which are full of various files. After completion of format, they suddenly find that some their important data are lost and start trying many methods to recover data from formatted drive. Or else they have to restart their work again from the beginning or spend a whole weekend to redo. If you are the one who is facing this situation then the only question which arises on your mind is how to recover data from formatted hard drive?

Recovery of data from formatted hard drive is quiet not easy but we have to do somehow to recover data.  If you are the computer specialist then for you it will be very easy to perform the formatted drive recovery operation. If not, you will be little worried to seek methods to recover data after format from your formatted hard drives. Don’t worry this post show you an easy way with unformat tool to recover data from formatted hard drive. From now onwards you will be free from formatted data loss situation.

Let us talk about the reasons that results in loss of data due to hard drive format

  • While synchronizing files between the computer and the flash drive, the card might get affected by the harmful viruses which make it inaccessible. If the antivirus tool is unable to deactivate and fails to remove the viruses then you are forced to format the hard drive.
  • Formatting hard drive to erase system data at once
  • Clicked on yes option as soon as you get an error message stating that drive not formatted, would you like to format now? this formats your complete drive
  • Formatted drive during installation of the new operating system

What are the issues usually happens after formatting the hard drive?

  • OS not found
  • Primary/Secondary Hard drive crash
  • Not able to find the file
  • Invalid or corrupted FAT
  • Unacceptable

How to recover data after formatting the hard drive

Is it possible to recover data after format? Definitely yes, if you just formatted the drive but has not written any new data on the drive then you hard drive maintains an index file that controls the entire file system. Standard formatting only changes the index files, therefore although the formatted files are inaccessible you can easily recover data after format with the help of formatted data recovery software.

Formatted hard drive data recovery tool is the professional data retrieval program that gives you a best solution to solve your problem about data lost after format hard disk. As compared to other data recovery application which is available in the market this application is selected as best utility to recover data after format. Did you lost data by formatting flash drive? Searching for the successful program to regain all the data from formatted flash drive? Well, here is the answer. Read this page- to get a complete information on how to recover formatted flash drive.

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