Best Way to Reach the Partitioned Data

I lost all my data while repartitioning my PC’s internal hard drive .Is it possible to restore datas from the lost volume of my internal hard drive. Give me a good suggestion for this recover partition problem?

I lost all my important files while the hard drive prompting for a complete format. I want to recover the datas from it. How to recover those deleted datas?

Suggest a good recovery tool for my OCZ disk that is corrupted due to boot sector problem?

Certainly it’s a dead lock situation when you come across with this weird scenario. It should be noted how and why these things occur .A normal PC make use of SATA or IDE hard drives where basically the data’s are stored in FAT or NTFS or extFAT file system. These file systems plays a major role in allocating the memory for the data’s and creating a pointer for easy accessing the data’s. The difference between them is how they effectively store and retrieve data when needed by the user as well as the operating system. Recover partition is one of the retrieval processes.

Whenever a particular file is deleted only the particular values of the data pointing to the memory location of the data in the hard drive is deleted or restructured. The data is still present in the memory location but the only thing it’s not visible or accessible to the user .It can be recovered by using a eminent recovery software until and unless the memory of the deleted data’s are reused or defragmented.

Can we recover data after a drive is wiped?

If the drive is wiped or defragmented i.e. whenever you try to delete a confidential data using a drive wipe tool then chances of restoring or recovering the data is highly negligible. If the file is available in the hard drive and it’s not visible which indicates that there occur a corruption in file pointer and if the data is wiped. There is no other way to recover it

Good utility to solve this:

To find such an efficient one is not at all a bother when it comes to recovering a lost data after the change in operating system or up grading OS. It depends on the features of the recovery program to recover data from reinstalled windows .There are some standard software which the industrial or the corporate people accepts as an eminent one. A good one i.e. reasonably recommended tool and it is mainly recommended for.

  • Ø Successfully restores data which are deleted while partitioning which is a headache task for the user
  • Ø Optimized Scanning process in it is a efficient one which optimize searches for the deleted files in the hard drives
  • Ø Allows to restore a selected files and the user can ignore the unwanted files particularly the viral infected files
  • Ø Definitely good choice for those who want to recover files deleted due to corrupted disk partitions or reformatted hard drives of Lenovo
  • Ø Proficient of restoring file of maximum file format which includes complicated media files such as time based media files and user defined file formats

How to use?

Downloading and installing the software doesn’t need skills of high strategy. Just give a click here to download. And go for the full version only if it recovers data what needed

Installing is as normal windows software but be sure of the UAC settings in control panel is turned off and don’t install the software in the same drive volume .So that installation may rearrange the memory which will lead to data loss forever.