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Here’s The Way to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Often people do mistakes with their computer and as a result they suffer from huge data loss problems. There are many reasons which lead to deletion of files and folder and formatting of hard drive is one among all. Basically, hard drive get formatted due to human errors, accidental formatting is quite common reason. Formatting […]

Reliable Way to Recover Files after Formatting HDD

Computer hard drive is the main storage device to store the system data as well as personal data. They are very delicate and need careful handling in order to protect files from getting lost permanently. So it is quite necessary to manage hard drive with utmost care. Hard disk is divided into several parts for […]

Tool to Recover Files from Seagate Freeagent Hard Drive.

“I accidentally deleted all the precious files from my Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive. I really need to recover those files, any good suggestion?” First let me ask you something. Are familiar with a brand named Seagate? Your answer should be probably yes, because it is one of the most famous brands among the computer […]

Restore Data from Corrupted WD Hard Disk

With the continuous development in the digital media accessibility, all this information should be stored in atorge device. And of course the most generally used storage media should be hard disk which is the integrant element of a PC as well. One of the renowned hard disk manufacturers is Western Digital. Western Digital is one […]