Get all your deleted files back using best file recovery tool

Data loss problem became common among every data storage drive. After facing data loss situation generally, people think that they will never get their file back and get upset. Are you also suffering from such situation? Then don’t lose your hopes, be calm first, because with best file recovery software you can easily retrieve your lost/deleted files from your storage drive. This tool made retrieval of files very simple and easy. File recovery issue was quite complicated but as “Technology is a key to resolve every problem” which made recovery so easy.

Is it is possible to recover files from storage drives?

When you perform any delete operation, the operating system will not erase the file permanently. This means the files which you lost still lie down somewhere in the storage drive, only its storage location is marked as null and free for storing new files. At such situation, if you add any new files on your storage drive such as documents, photos or videos, it occupies the place where your deleted files were stored. In this case, deleted file will get overwritten with the new files and it’s almost impossible to recover files if it gets overwritten. For this reason, you must not use your storage drive further for storing new data after any data loss situation.

Reasons which are responsible for the file loss

  • Accidental formatting of storage drive is the most common scenario for data loss. In this busy life sometime in hurry, users unknowingly format their storage drive and later on realize that they formatted their crucial data.
  • Accidental deletion of files is also very common nowadays. Generally, people have a habit of using shift+ delete key combination for deleting files. But sometimes you have to pay a lost for this habit because if you accidentally delete your important file along with unwanted file by using this combination you don’t have the chance to restore it back from Recycle Bin.
  • Forcible removal of flash drive while copying process, File system corruption due to virus infection, Interruption during file transferring process, ignoring warring message are some other reasons which results files loss from storage drives.

Features of Best file recovery tool

A best file recovery application is powerful file recovery software to perform storage drive recovery. If you are using a memory stick to store your data and suffer data loss then you can recover memory stick files by using this tool. This tool can help you in recovering all types of files including your picture files, video clips, music files, documents and many more. It supports file recovery from SD card, CF card, XD card, digital cameras, system hard disk, external hard drive, USB drive, iPods and many other devices. To try this tool you can download its trial version from here. Software manual is there it will help you in using application. From preview options, you can preview of your recovered files. If the output of trial version is as per your requirement then you can select its full version to save recovered files.