How to mend damaged PST file on Outlook 2010??

Are you currently incapable to access Outlook 2010 attributes because of corrupted PST file????? Wants immediate revival!! Here you can make use of Fix PST tool and mend Outlook 2010 PST with same functionality of old PST file. PST file gets corrupted on account of different ways including upgradation of Outlook, file system corruption, over-sized PST file, improper Outlook termination, virus infection, etc. Encountering any one of them may result in the corruption of the PST file. Since PST file gets corrupt all data intact inside the PST file becomes inaccessible to the user for additional usage. The PST file is a file format which is often used to maintain Outlook attribute data in encrypted form. There are numerous Outlook attributes for example emails, journals, calendar entries, meetings, tasks, contacts, appointments, notes etc. and you can recover every attribute alone from damaged PST file by utilizing this tool. Lets us talk over some scenarios which might result in corruption of the PST files in order to find out more about how exactly a PST file ends up being damaged or corrupted.

Virus attacks: Virus attack may harm PST file. It takes place once you connect with the internet as a way to carry out some task. Additionally, it occurs when you connect virus infected device to your PC. In both the events there exists a probability of a virus attack on data intact inside the system. As the virus targets data intact inside the system then this may result in corruption of data. The PST file may get damaged or corrupted in such a situation.

Improper closing of Outlook: Closing the application in an abnormal way, when it is utilizing some data. It might result in the corruption of data that is being accessing. In such a way once you close the application when it is accessing data intact within PST files then there is a possibility of PST file corruption. It is because whenever you do this act then most likely it modify the internal structure of PST file and when you are trying to gain access to data intact inside a PST file via Outlook application. You might get an error message which confirms the corruption of PST file.

Oversize PST: Every Outlook version has its own limit for the size of the PST file, beyond this limit you are unable to store data further. If you attempt to keep data further then this may result in corruption of PST file. Outlook 2010 version has a PST file size limit is 50GB. As you keep storing large files eventually it reaches its limited size and gets corrupted. It may cause data loss intact within PST file and makes you unable to access Outlook account further.

Upgrading Outook version: Accessing PST file in the upgraded Outlook version may result in PST corruption. Once the user finds interactive features in an advance version of Outlook and desires to use it further. While using an old PST file in upgraded version it ought to be imported first. Often it happens the PST file becomes corrupted during importing process. As it goes corrupted you can’t access any attributes from Outlook account.

Some stand-alone features of this PST recovery tool are:

  • This tool gives an easy working environment due to its simple GUI.
  • It is competent to fix severely damaged PST file in which the inbuilt Scanpst tool fails to do.
  • With the aid of this tool it is possible to fix each feature of an Outlook account including emails, journals, calendar entries, meetings, tasks, contacts, appointments, notes etc.
  • This tool is efficient in mending PST files on various versions of Microsoft Outlook including Outlook and 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  • This tool provides you to preview broken PST file right before the PST restore process.

Thus by considering every single stand-alone feature of this tool. We can easily declare that this tool is extremely qualified in recovering data from damaged PST file in Outlook 2010. In case if you lost access to an Outlook account due to PST corruption then you can definitely take advantage of this tool and effectively revive PST data on Outlook 2010 account. To find out more about this tool you can roam our website, where you can download the trial version of this tool. With the help of trial version you can see damaged PST which can be revived with the aid of this tool.