Recover Deleted MP4 from SD card

“I use SanDisk SD card with my smart phone in which I’ve stored lot of informative videos on MP4 format. Last night, I have accidentally deleted some of those extremely valuable video clips from SD card, which was of top priority to me. Losing it is intolerable for me, so how to restore deleted MP4 videos from SD card? I have the knowledge about the fact that there are various recovery software’s available in market to restore deleted MP4 videos from SD card. Still the ambiguity of which software to use is left in me; I would like to know, what is the best possible way to get back MP4 video files from SD card?”

User can restore deleted MP4 videos from SD card, because the videos user considers to have deleted are not permanently lost from SD card. Still they occupy the space on SD card but are invisible to users, since the index information is removed from file system of SD card; ensure that no new files are written over the freed space, which allows the user to successfully recover the deleted MP4 files from SD card. Even the focus revolve around the MP4 video recovery, it is always good to have more knowledge on the possible causes that led to the deletion of MP4 videos, as this might be very handy at certain occasions while dealing in the real time scenario.

Possible causes that could lead to the deletion of MP4 video files

  • Accidental deletion: Humans might commit mistakes like deletion of important MP4 files while deleting unwanted files from SD card, this is one of the most common causes.
  • Improper Ejection: Ejecting the SD card from the device in an inaccurate manner while performing transfer from one storage device to the other, this might lead to the deletion of Mp4 video files from SD card.
  • Formatting: By formatting user will lose the entire data stored on the SD card thereby user will lose MP4 video files saved on it.
  • Virus attack: Virus intrusion on SD card will lead to the corruption of file system and this at times will infect the video files stored on the SD card. Virus intrusion often occurs while transferring files on SD card over Bluetooth or while downloading videos or files from internet.
  • Unethical usage: Using same SD card on different devices or operating system, similarly frequent removal of SD card from device all these processes will impact adversely leading to the deletion of MP4 videos.

As discussed earlier, in spite of all these situations that led to the deletion of MP4 videos from SD card, user can restore deleted MP4 videos from SD card using comprehensive recovery tool like Recover SD card. However, it is highly recommended to keep backup of the files from SD card which allows you to easily restore MP4 videos from backup of SD card. In case of the absence of backup you can employ the services of Recover SD Card.

Recover SD card is specifically designed for the purpose of recovering deleted or lost MP4 videos from SD card. Application helps to retrieve MP4 videos from SD card in an efficient manner that are deleted or lost due to any reason. This tool can be used to recover deleted MP4 videos on Windows as well as Mac OS. This tool also has the potential to identify and restore deleted videos of various file formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MPEG, DAT, VOB and many more.

Additional features of Recover SD Card application:

  • This tool rigorously scans the entire SD card for deleted MP4 videos using advanced scanning techniques and retrieves the files with great ease.
  • Application comes with a simple graphical user interface which makes it ideal for users to perform safe recovery of MP4 videos from SD card.
  • Apart from MP4 video recovery, this tool is also efficient in recovering deleted or lost photos, audios, documents and other file types.
  • Besides SD card this tool can be employed to recover deleted files from CF, SDHC, SDXC, MMC and other memory cards.
  • Trial version of Recover SD Card application helps the user in previewing the recovered file before storing it on the destination preferred by the user.