Restore Lost Partition Data

A hard drive is categorized into different partitions, where each of partition has different storage capacity and holds a variety of data. You might store various documents, emails, presentations, songs, photos, video and much more on these partitions. There are numerous reasons that might lead to the loss of data present on hard drive partitions. Loss of partition data may interrupt your daily business activities and can cause an economic loss when you are unable to utilize your valuable data on time. No need to worry, you can make use an efficient partition recovery software that helps you to restore lost partition data from hard drive of the computer with ease.

The lost data is still present on a hard drive of a computer, only the space occupied by these files is marked as free on file table. Hence it possible to recover such lost data until it is overwritten by new data. So stop using the hard drive from which you have lost files, because usage of hard drive for reading/write operations may overwrite the lost data and reduce your chances of recovering lost data from it. To be on safer side, it is always suggested to keep a backup copy of your important data in some healthy storage device to avoid such data loss situations. You can use this tool to recover Windows partition data lost due to the following problems:

  • Unintentional formatting of partition in place of other partition on a hard drive of your computer is the main reason that leads to the loss of data present on that partition
  • Partition data may be lost due to the errors that occurred when you try to change the file system of any hard drive partition
  • Errors that are encountered when you try to locate free space among existing partitions and creating new partitions on a hard disk can cause loss of partition data
  • Usage of some third party tools or Windows Disk Management Utility may accidentally delete some partitions on the hard drive and results in loss of data
  • Partition might get corrupted when you try to make dual/multi OS boot installation

When you come lose your partition data due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, make use of this reliable partition recovery utility to locate data from partitions that are deleted, formatted, re-formatted partitions and from repartitioned drives on a hard drive. It has a simple user interface that provides step by step wizard using which a novice user can recover Windows hard drive partition data. This utility is designed using advanced built-in algorithms that identify nearly 300 file types based on unique file extension assigned to them. In addition to text files, it will even retrieve media files like music files, videos and different photo file types from different storage devices like external hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards, etc.

It even supports a recovery of RAW photo formats supported by popular digital cameras namely Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Kodak and so on. You have the option to preview the recovered files using Preview option and it helps you to analyze the performance of this expert software. Download the trial version of this tool and estimate recovery results, if you are satisfied with its performance you can buy the full version to save the recovered data.