Thinking how to recover Word files after losing access to them?

The below article is the best answer to your question. Just go through the article thoroughly to know the appropriate way to execute Word file recovery tool in order to recover deleted or lost Word files.

In this developing world we all are familiar with Microsoft Office suite developed by Microsoft. MS Office is a set of several applications which are very helpful in the world of business, education and even for personal life. MS Word is one of the best and popularly used applications of Microsoft Office suit. It is the most commonly used Word processing program for creating, formatting and saving documents. The MS Office is upgraded with different versions like 2003, 2007, and 2010.

Microsoft Word program commonly uses DOC file format. It is the default file format for MS Office users. MS Office also comes up with different file formats like DOCX, DOCM etc.MS Word 2010 is the most widely used updated version of Microsoft Office which allows the user to create, modify and format all types of documents. This Microsoft office supports different forms of Operating systems like Windows 7, Windows XP etc.

However, there are several reasons where in your word file get corrupted and may lead to inaccessibility of your file. This results in loss of your valuable data stored in your document.

Consider yourself in a scenario where you worked on document late night and saved it on your pen drive. Next day morning you connected your pen drive to laptop in order to access the file and make use of it. These pen drives are often used in various electronic devices wherein they get infected by virus easily. Thus due to virus attack the word file got corrupted and you were not able to access your .doc file. Later you checked onto your laptop but there was no copy of Word file saved on it. Now you must be worried and looking out for solution to recover your data.

No need to worry, you will be relaxed to know that the Word file can be easily recovered even after deletion or loss using Word file recovery tool.

However, the other loss scenarios which you may come across in your daily usage of Word file.

Common file loss scenarios:

Accidental deletion:

  • Files emptied from Recycle Bin.
  • Files or folders deleted using windows command prompt.
  • Files deleted by third party utilities.
  • Files lost due to power outage or sudden shutdown of your computer.

Software errors: Malfunctioning of operating system or any programming error may delete the file from the hard disk and this may lead to loss of data. Repeated renumbering the existing pages in the document deletes the existing page leading to loss of your file.

Improper termination of Word Program: Closing the Word application improperly you may lose your Word file because the Microsoft Word does not save and arrange the files properly till it is properly terminated.

Power Outages: Sudden power surge while the Word files are being used or you are transferring the files from one storage device to another can also result in loss of your Word file.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Always use anti-virus scanning program to get rid of viruses.
  • Always keep a proper backup of your data.
  • Whenever you deleted a file make sure that the file is not important to you.
  • Shutdown your MS Word application properly.
  • Save your Doc file properly before you close your Word program.

However, even after following the safety measures in case you lose your data from hard disk of your computer. So stop using your hard disk till the lost data is recovered back as the data will not be deleted actually only the memory location gets deleted and marks the space “free” and allows users to add new data which overwrites the old data and you may lose chances of file recovery.

Most of the users also lose their data while partitioning their hard drives. There are proficient tools developed to recover files after partitioning. One such tool is Partition drive recovery software which helps to recover data deleted accidentally or intentionally from your partition.

Word file recovery tool helps to recover all types of DOC and DOCX files which are not accessible due to corruption. This tool is specially designed with distinct features which help to recover lost or deleted data easily. This software is more preferable as it recover the data deleted from emptied Recycle Bin. It also helps the user to recover files from different types of hard drives including RAID partitions which are formatted using different file systems. This software supports Windows 7(32-bit, 64-bit) and Mac operating system and uses latest and updated version of anti-virus program to scan the files before they are compiled.

This software allows recovering of text, formatting, OLE objects and fields including corrupt DOC files. This tool read the original Word file and creates new DOC file which ensures that the original corrupt file remains same and no further damage will be caused to the Word file. You can make use of the software easily in few simple steps.

Click here to download the trial form of the fie recovery tool and install it on your computer. Select the appropriate recovery options which you come across. Once the recovery procedure is completed you can purchase the full version of the software.