Thinking how to repair your damaged video file?

Then go through the below piece of writing thoroughly and know the exact procedure of repairing your corrupted video file.

Data is the most precious thing to each and every regular users of computer in today’s life. In this technological era these digital cameras and other video recording gadgets are rapidly increasing as each individual wish to watch videos for business as well as entertainment purposes like news education, sports etc. These devices have attracted most of the people towards them to capture beautiful and incredible videos. These videos are the most unforgettable things which the user needs throughout the life.

The videos recorded by digital camcorders can be stored in memory card or can be stored in camcorder itself. Several data storage media are there to store data, which differ in their size and storage capacity. You might realize that each camera contains storage drives to keep the recorded videos inside it. The storage drives can store any type of file like audio songs, data files, video clips and many more. These records your video in different video file extension like .MOV, . MP4 etc which also provides an option to transfer the video files to MacBook for storing and editing purpose.

It is always enjoyable to watch video clips on your Mac computer by making use of its application Quick Time player. However, you might come across situations of damaged video files in Mac computer also and the Quick Time player refuses to play the MOV files and other video file formats due to some reasons. This may be due to corruption of video files on your Macintosh systems.

Consider yourself in a scenario where you are working on a project of videography from long time and it must be delivered in annual function of your college. You recorded some of the videos of your favorite lecturers and some videos presenting how the college life is by using Cannon digital camcorder. In order to refresh the videos you connected your camera to Mac computer. But due to improper power supply suddenly your computer turned off and without proper ejection you removed your camcorder. After a long wait you turned on your computer but abrupt system shutdown resulted in corruption of your file system which corrupted the header of the video file and the files were unable to play on any media player. Now you must be tensed as all your work was in sane as there was very less time to make the videos once again and you were unable to think what can be done next.

However, you need not worry as you can simply repair damaged video files with the help of Fix Video tool. This application can be used to repair corrupted .MOV files after header corruption. Their chances where you may also come across some more data loss scenarios apart from above mentioned scenario.

Common Data loss scenarios:

The video file gets corrupted during compression process using bad ZIP archive, It also get corrupted due to abrupt removal of data cable when connected to your Mac computer while transferring the video files from digital camcorder may lead to data loss. The video files stored on your MacBook laptop get damaged due to virus attack. Improper plugging of data storage device might result in corruption of video files stored in it. By using unreliable third party tools you may try to change the file format and lead to corruption of your video file.

If the external storage devices like USB flash drive, memory cards etc used for storing a MOV video file malfunctions, this causes damage to your video files and in turn you may lose your precious video files. If you switch off your Digital camera during read/write process when it is connected to computer, it may damage video files stored on it. Opening the video file by unsupportable player then the file header of your MOV file gets damaged and the files become inaccessible leading to data loss. The catalog files in Mac systems are very much important for proper storing and management if any corruption to these files damages the file header of your video file, thus making it unplayable on any type of video file player.

In order to avoid the data loss you should always follow some of the precautions like:

  • Always keep your computer updated with antivirus software.
  • Keep proper backup of data.
  • Use reliable power source to overcome sudden power outages.
  • Always remove your storage device using proper exit option.

Broken video files are a common problem and occasionally users lose video files as most of the people are not aware with the fact of repair. Fixing broken video files manually is not easy you need software to repair video files. As the technology has become advance in industry many repair tools are made available in vast.

The Repair video file tool is recommended as it is easy to use interface and repair unplayable video file extensions like .MOV, .MP4 on Quick Time player that might have corrupted due to catalog file corruption on Mac systems. The software repairs broken or damaged video file when your computer reboots suddenly during storing or transferring files by making use of an automated process. This software helps to repair videos of any size and even highly encrypted files are repaired. This repair software successfully repairs both the data streams and adjoins them to make an appropriate playable video file. It is an effective repair tool that takes the corrupt or damaged video file and converts it into two audio and video streams.

This software will work on both Mac OS and windows operating systems and the working procedure of this tool is easy which can be achieved in few clicking of mouse.

Get the trial version of the repair tool by installing it on the hard drive of your computer and run the application. Click on “Open” to select the desired video file to be repaired and then click on “Repair” button. Once the repair process is completed you can judge the functionality of the software and if the results are matching your requirement then you can purchase the tool from online.